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Customers in the Coulee Region of Wisconsin have relied on Schomburg Refrigeration for commercial cooling and heating sales and services since 1945. This Onalaska-based company proudly offers the industry’s best equipment and most reliable major brands.

Family owned and operated for more than 70 years, Schomburg Refrigeration has grown from a quality commercial refrigerator business to a company with an experienced team trained in commercial heating, HVAC repair, and commercial food service equipment sales and service.

To better serve their customers, they have expanded their facility and inventory of replacement parts, so you never will be without the item you need. Schomburg Refrigeration’s staff is trained to meet industry standards for all equipment they sell and maintain.

Serving commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors, the company offers customers one-stop shopping, providing sales, engineering, installation, repairs, and preventive maintenance. They are factory trained and certified for sales and service of more than 400 brands of equipment. Their technicians offer extensive experience and a strong work ethic to ensure customers receive top-notch service on every job.

Besides commercial refrigerators and HVAC repair, Schomburg Refrigeration offers kitchen equipment for restaurants and other customers who require commercial-grade options. They have expanded their operation to include the sale of quality used equipment.

Customers in La Crosse County, WI, trust Schomburg Refrigeration for sales and service of the best commercial and industrial equipment. Visit their website to view their list of services, and call (608) 781-6614 to speak with a representative.

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