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Dr. McHugh And Associates P C, Foot Doctor, Health and Beauty, Watertown, Connecticut

Your feet put up with a lot, and the team at Dr. McHugh and Associates will help you give them a little extra TLC. Located in Watertown, Wolcott, and Torrington, CT, their experienced physicians specialize in treatments for some of the most common podiatry issues affecting those of all ages.

The staff at Dr. McHugh and Associates prides itself on providing compassionate care in an efficient manner. They all strive to keep wait times at their office as short as possible, and since they believe everyone deserves quality foot care, they accept most insurance providers. In addition, while their office is equipped for surgery, their doctors are affiliated with several local hospitals for patients who prefer a hospital setting during their recovery. 

Whether you suffer from heel pain or old sports injuries, a podiatrist from Dr. McHugh and Associates will provide the treatment you need to finally get relief. Their team knows how to treat everything from ingrown nails and warts to flat feet and plantar fasciitis. If you don’t currently suffer from any foot issues but want to ensure your lower limbs stay healthy, you can also visit this podiatrist for preventative care.

At Dr. McHugh and Associates, their team of board-certified and board-eligible doctors has more than 64 years of combined experience practicing podiatry. With three convenient locations in Connecticut, you can schedule an appointment with a podiatrist at a time and location that works for you. Visit their website to learn more about their physicians on staff, and call (860) 274-1773 to make an appointment in Watertown; (203) 879-3646 to reach their Wolcott office; or (860) 489-1900 to speak with someone in Torrington. 

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