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12 Broad St
Staten Island, NY 10304
NYCArtsCypher, Art Galleries, Arts and Entertainment, Staten Island, New York

NYCArtsCypher is the leading organization for arts and entertainment in Staten Island. Founder Charlie Balducci envisioned a space for networking artists in all areas of arts and entertainment. NYCArtsCypher represents an interactive space for the collaboration between dancers, singers, DJs, emcees, graffiti artists, and fine artists.

Emerging artists and teenagers choose NYCArtsCypher as a place to express themselves and enrich their lives. Programs include a mural program, breakdancing sessions, media arts programs, and more! NYCArtsCypher is an official 501c3 nonprofit organization and also offers services through the "Art Meets Business" initiative.

The "Arts Meets Business" initiative provides a creative way to advertise or market local businesses in an affordable way. Special projects or events can go from concepts to realities in a way that helps the arts and entertainment community. The multileveled event studio space has hosted exhibitions, competitions, and art showcases. From model portfolios to music videos, the possibilities of what can be created inside this amazing space are endless. NYCArtsCypher is capable of handling party favors and offering performers for any event. For branding and marketing campaigns, NYCArtsCypher can offer packages that include customized designs for commercials, brochures, murals, signage and more.

Book your event at NYCArtsCypher and support the best arts and entertainment organization in Staten Island!