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“With an old-world feel, Lingerie on Lex has all the styles, colors, and special sizes clients dream of – from an overwhelming number of European makers and some Americans, too. Shopping in this color-coordinated shop is a dream." – New York Magazine

Lingerie on Lex. The name may say lingerie but it's far from all this store has to offer. Since 1988, New Yorkers have outfitted themselves with this lingerie boutique's assortment of exclusive merchandise. The staff at Lingerie on Lex will help you indulge in their selection of tempting lingerie, radiant silks, beautiful accessories and luxurious cashmeres. Come in and discover how sexy everyday can be.

Lingerie on Lex is the choice for fine lingerie, silks and cashmeres. Lingerie on Lex boasts an impressive selection of luxury lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery, outerwear and shapewear. It also has a beautiful bridal selection and is the perfect go-to for your trousseau – it stocks Celestine and Christine of Vancouver, among others. Keep an eye out for bra-and-panty sets with garters from Myla or one-size-fits all comfortable thongs from the trendy Hanky Panky.

Other luxury brands include Cosabella, La Perla, Nina Ricci and Lilla P.

Lingerie on Lex also sells fabric care as well as infant clothing and toys from Petit Bateau. 

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