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For Golden Alaska Excavating, experience, service, and honesty aren’t just words — they’re the tenants on which the entire company is built. Serving residents of Kodiak, AK, in matters of drainage installation, rock supply, site preparation, and more, the team prides themselves on forming a friendly connection with every customer while adhering to the highest level of quality. It’s through these practices that the company has become a go-to service for excavation needs.

With the motto, “We Dig Kodiak,” Golden Alaska Excavating can handle multiple types of projects such as City of Kodiak water & sewer line installations, culvert & drainage installation, septic system installation, and any type of civil contraction with skill and knowledge. But the company’s services go well beyond commercial and residential digging.  With a quarry at their disposal, they are a fully capable rock supplier and can haul a large amount for many different purposes, one such purpose is Golden Alaska provides top quality aggregate and sand to our partner company, Island Redi-Mix, LLC for the manufacturing of concrete. The team also provides topsoil and yard improvements to freshen the look of your yard, while also taking care of debris clearing and construction site preparation.

It’s the focus on care that sets Golden Alaska Excavating apart from the rest. As a family-owned and -operated company, each operation is handled with attention to timeliness, friendliness, honesty, and professionalism. The staff is composed of insured, licensed, and bonded construction experts, which gives you peace of mind in knowing they deliver on their promises.

Whether you’re in need of a reputable rock supplier, professional drainage installation, or excavation for a construction project, Golden Alaska Excavating is ready to help. For more information or a free estimate, call (907) 512-0737 or visit the website today. They dig Kodiak, and you will dig them.

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