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Dimond Mini Storage

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(907) 522-1443
Dimond Mini Storage, Storage, Services, Anchorage, Alaska

Serving Alaskans in the greater Anchorage area since 1987, Dimond Mini Storage has consistently led the way with an array of heated storage and self-storage options. It’s a service that the professionals at this company’s two area locations take seriously; if you choose them, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safely and securely stowed away. Not only that, since this company can handle everything from RV or car storage to mini storage, they’ll have the perfect solution for whatever your needs are.

What sorts of services does Dimond Mini Storage provide? Let’s take a look:

Secure Self Storage Units: Whether you’re moving residences or businesses, or if you need to carve out some more space in your home, Dimond Mini Storage has the storage unit for you. These are climate controlled and extensively monitored in a high-security location. What’s more, the facility stays open for many hours, making it convenient for you to access your stuff.

Car Or RV Storage: If you need to take care of your RV, vehicle or boat for the winter season, Dimond Mini Storage’s outdoor lot is the perfect choice.

With the largest selection of temperature controlled units as well as ample lot space, this company will take care of whatever you need. What’s more, these long-time professionals of the industry know how to keep prices down; short or long term, you won’t find better deals than the ones at Dimond Mini Storage. To learn more about their facilities and pricing, give the team a call at (907) 522-1443 or check out their website

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