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Your child’s oral health today is vital to the quality of their smile down the road. Robert L. Edmonstone, DDS, the leading children’s dentist in Old Saybrook, CT, wants every child to have a bright, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

With a degree from Case Western Reserve University and pediatric dentistry training from Harvard University and the Children’s Hospital of Boston, Dr. Edmonstone possesses the expertise to address your child’s oral health needs. His premier dentistry team welcomes all patients from infancy through age 21, including those with special needs.

Robert L. Edmonstone, DDS, helps every young patient feel relaxed in the dental chair, whether they’re having a teeth cleaning or treatment for a tooth infection, and they believe healthy dental habits will set up your child for future success. Regular visits early in life may lower your child’s risk of developing serious dental problems. By implementing the latest in technology and imaging services, this pediatric dentist provides a range of preventative, restorative, orthodontic, and cosmetic services.

To provide your child with high-quality dental care in a warm, friendly environment, choose Middlesex County’s top children’s dentist, Robert L. Edmonstone, DDS. To schedule an appointment, call (860) 388-0142, and visit their website to download forms for your child’s first visit.

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