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Since opening for business over 25 years ago, TAAP Pest Elimination in Rochester, NY, has been helping residents and business owners eliminate pests and wildlife from their property. As the Rochester area’s top family-owned exterminator, these pest control professionals provide top-notch service with a personal touch.

The experienced team at TAAP Pest Elimination has seen it all when it comes to infestation. From spiders and rodents to wildlife nesting in the rafters, their team will remove pests promptly. Their skilled exterminators provide quality pest control in a safe, effective way that’s cost-effective for customers.

When you choose TAAP Pest Elimination, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with certified exterminators who take customer satisfaction seriously. Whether you have ant or spider issues, rodent problems, or wildlife infiltrating your home or business, their experts will work tirelessly to eradicate the problem. From your first inspection to the end of your pest control call, you’ll be in contact with friendly professionals who want to keep your structure safe.

If you’re looking for a trusted exterminator to help with rodent control, bee removal, or other forms of pest control in your home or business, call TAAP Pest Elimination at (585) 723-­6542 to schedule an appointment. For more information about how their certified exterminators and wildlife removal professionals can rid your property of pests, visit their website, where you'll also find valuable discounts.

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