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No one likes the annoying buzz and itchy, painful bites of mosquitoes. These pests seem to be increasing in numbers, leaving their mark no matter how much repellent you apply. Fortunately, Mosquito Shield in Hanover, MA, has an effective solution that’s helping people across the nation.

The caring team at Mosquito Shield knows these bloodsuckers are more than an everyday annoyance; they’re also disease carriers that pose a serious threat to your family and pets. The experts behind Mosquito Shield set out to find a solution and soon discovered the best way to combat mosquitoes is to control their environment.

To do this, they assess the residential or commercial property, then exterminate and repel all existing swarms of mosquitoes — but they don’t stop there. The next step involves disguising the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to deter additional mosquitoes. Finally, they apply a mosquito-resistant barrier to fend off unwanted guests.

In addition to mosquito control services, Mosquito Shield offers an equally robust solution for combating the tick population. By bringing tick control to your backyard, Mosquito Shield protects your loved ones from tick-borne diseases. Whether you’re interested in controlling mosquitoes, ticks, or both, the team’s technicians will implement a thorough strategy based on your property’s unique needs.

To put an end to the buzzing and biting, contact the mosquito control professionals at Mosquito Shield. For more information about how the Hanover-based company can help your home or business, call a helpful professional at (781) 424-5697 or contact them online, where you can learn more about their plans and pricing. You also can keep up with the business on Facebook

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