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You likely don’t think about your septic tank on a daily basis, but it’s an essential part of your property. You need a company you can count on to deliver reliable maintenance and repair services. For Danielsville, GA, residents, that role is filled by Price’s Septic Tank Service. As a family-owned and -operated business, they have a long history of providing reliable and affordable services. From septic tank cleaning to spill cleanups, they’re always there when you need them.

There’s no official date for when company founder Alfred Gary first opened up shop, but he was providing services long before the business acquired its first phone line in 1962. Alfred’s business relied solely on word-of-mouth, and clients simply came by whenever they needed his help. Two generations later, Price’s Septic Tank Service has evolved into a business that uses advanced equipment and techniques that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. While their methods have changed over the years, they still uphold those original values of customer appreciation and personalized service.

Price’s Septic Tank Service works with both residential and commercial clients to provide a wide range of septic services. They recommend getting a septic tank pumping every three to five years, and regular cleaning will save you from future plumbing catastrophes. For businesses, they offer poultry waste removal and spill cleanups. Whether you need emergency septic service or it’s time for maintenance, they offer the help you need.

As a fully insured and state-certified septic service, Price’s Septic Tank Service gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Visit them online to learn more about how they will keep your septic tank in top condition. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, call (706) 789-3263.

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