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Having skilled health care professionals just a phone call away will produce peace of mind for you and your family. Spectrum Healthcare in Cornelia, GA, offers exactly that: trustworthy, reliable services to improve and maintain your health. This medical clinic provides a variety of medical procedures, from chiropractic care to sports physicals, to residents of Habersham County and the surrounding areas of northeast Georgia.

Spectrum Healthcare provides diverse medical services, including immediate care for colds, flu, and minor cuts and wounds. They also offer care ranging from sports physicals to hormone replacement therapy for men and women. With chiropractic and fitness professional Dr. Corey Mote at the helm, this health clinic features an array of cutting-edge physical medicine services, from spinal decompression to massage therapy.

The team at Spectrum Healthcare is known for its unwavering dedication to improving every patient’s overall well-being, and their pros will give you tools to improve your health in a lasting way. Whether you want to lose weight or are suffering from chronic pain, they have the technology and expertise to help.

To join the ranks of happy customers at Spectrum Healthcare, call (706) 778-0077 or send a message online to request an appointment. Visit their website to learn more about their valuable services. 

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