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Dean's Auto Recycling

Dean's Auto Recycling

42 Bloomingdale Rd
Quaker Hill, CT 06375
(860) 443­4219
Dean's Auto Recycling, Auto Parts, Services, Quaker Hill, Connecticut

Whether you are looking for high-quality used auto parts or wanting to sell a car that is taking up space in your garage, there is only one place to go in southeastern Connecticut: Dean's Auto Recycling. For more than 20 years, they have been the most trusted and reliable auto parts and recycling company in Quaker Hill.

A family-owned and -operated company, Dean's Auto Recycling is committed to providing great customer service. If you are looking for used auto parts, trust that they only offer the best. From transmissions to radiators to tires, the shop carefully inspects and tests all parts before they are approved for sale and offers a full 90-day warranty on each.

In addition to selling used auto parts, Dean's Auto Recycling also buys junk cars. If you have a damaged vehicle sitting around, bring it to their mechanics, who can easily identify and extract all usable parts. Not only will they pay you to take the junk car off your hands, but you’ll also be reducing your environmental footprint. When you bring your car to the junkyard for auto recycling, you'll save energy, and natural resources for future generations, while preventing harmful materials from getting into the environment.

Whether you want to buy, sell, or recycle secondhand auto parts, the team at Dean's Auto Recycling is the preferred company in the southeastern Connecticut area. For more information about the parts they have available or the recycling process, visit their website or call them at (860) 443-4219.

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