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Law Office of Joe Stancati

Law Office of Joe Stancati

305 Broadway, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10007
(212) 822-1456
Law Office of Joe Stancati, Law Firms, Services, New York, New York

Law Office of Joe Stancati is a law firm based in New York, NY, that attracts a global client base by offering an array of services, with a focus on business law, civil rights, and dispute resolution. 

The firm primarily represents a range of businesses interests, from large corporations to startups, and their lawyers draw on 10 years of experience representing New York clients. Their scope of work includes mergers and acquisitions, private equity offerings, waivers, and employment, shareholder, and licensing agreements.

Other practice areas also include:

  • Corporate/private equity
  • Commercial litigation
  • Real estate
  • Employment law
  • Intellectual property
  • Election law
  • Criminal law
  • Civil rights
  • Dispute resolution

Law Office of Joe Stancati shows its commitment to serving New York residents by accepting occasional pro bono clients. 

To schedule a consultation with a member of the law team at Law Office of Joe Stancati, call 212-822-1456 or contact them online. Visit their website to see a detailed list of their corporate and business services and take an in-depth look into the backgrounds of their talented attorneys. You also can connect with Law Office of Joe Stancati on Facebook.

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