Unionport, New York

Jimmy's Grand Cafe

Jimmy's Grand Cafe

1001 Castle Hill Avenue
Bronx, NY 10472
Jimmy's Grand Cafe, Diners, Restaurants and Food, Bronx, New York

Known for its fun, laid-back vibe and fantastic food, Jimmy’s Grand Cafe is a favorite among locals in the Bronx, NY. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the restaurant dishes up classic American cuisine as well as tasty Latin American dishes. The vibrant décor and friendly staff make this a great spot to break bread, whether you want to enjoy a family meal or a night out with friends. The cafe also features live music on select evenings.

Jimmy's Grand Cafe offers a selection of food that includes something for every taste. Favorite menu items range from the exotic Dominican breakfast to crispy empanadas. Vegetarians can choose from an array of fresh veggie dishes like the garden salad with apples, while meat lovers are sure to get their fill with the half-pound cheeseburger. The restaurant also offers a variety of delicious drinks, from coconut mojitos to tasty mimosas.

The Yelp reviews of Jimmy’s Grand Cafe make it clear that this restaurant is a favorite in the community. From complimenting the delicious food and generous serving sizes to the hospitality of the staff, residents of the Bronx have plenty of good things to say. For your convenience, the restaurant even offers valet parking on weekends.

Ready to join the ranks of their satisfied customers? Call (718) 319-1200 to make a reservation, and take a look at the full menu on their website. You can also take a peek at their Instagram account for mouthwatering pictures of some of their delicious dishes and creative cocktails.

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