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Empire Enterprises JKB Inc., Demolition & Wrecking, Shopping, Newark, New York

One of the most important elements of a construction project is land maintenance. Since 1997, commercial and residential owners have turned to Empire Enterprises JKB in Newark, NY, for their land-clearing, excavation, and demolition needs. Their contractors bring experience and efficiency to all their projects.

The cornerstone of the company is its land-cleaning and demolition services. Before any construction project begins, land must be prepared for use. This entails removing all vegetation from the property, including trees, bushes, and brush. Anything beneath the surface also is excavated using the company’s state-of-the-art equipment.

Empire Enterprises JKB will work on any property, from a small patch of land with a few trees to a large, wooded lot. Once they have removed all vegetation, it is ground and can be sold as mulch for use on residential and commercial properties at the client’s request.

Another core service of the company is land excavation, which prepares a lot for the construction of a building’s basement or foundation. Empire Enterprises JKB also rents heavy machinery, including land-clearing equipment, and sends a skilled professional to your construction site to ensure it’s operated properly.

To learn more about the excavating, demolition, and mulch services offered by Empire Enterprises JKB, check the land-clearing company’s website. Call (315) 331-4069 to discuss how they can prepare your land for construction.

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