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Clean water is the hallmark of every thriving civilization, and its importance cannot be understated. Water quality has a profound impact on every aspect of our health, and regular testing is the only way to guarantee it. LV Laboratories LLC in Lancaster, WI, provides quick, reliable, and affordable water testing services that keep residents and municipalities drinking clean water.

Since 1993, LV Laboratories LLC has offered trustworthy water testing services to private and industrial clients. Private residents are understandably concerned about the quality of their tap or well water, and LV Laboratories LLC offers nitrate and bacteriological testing to ensure it’s pure and healthy.

For municipalities and industrial clients, regular wastewater testing is essential to understand what is going back into the water table. Improperly treated toxins can adversely affect water quality and become a danger to entire communities. LV Laboratories LLC offers quick, reliable results to maintain the safety of their clients’ drinking water and wastewater.

Because of their extensive experience, the water testing specialists at LV Laboratories LLC are in tune with the needs of their customers in southern Wisconsin. They know when water quality is in question, it’s paramount to have quick, accurate, and affordable results. For the convenience of their clients, they offer free sample testing kits and will pick them up when they’re ready. They are open seven days a week, so their water testing expertise and superior customer service are available to clients at all times.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recommends yearly drinking water testing. Whether you are a private citizen, well owner, or representative of a municipality, call the experienced team at LV Laboratories LLC at (608) 723-4096 to schedule testing. Visit them online to learn more about their services that help ensure the safety and well-being of your community and family.

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