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Whether used for unique upholstery, vibrant pillow coverings, or a one-of-a-kind party dress, African textiles make for a stylish and distinctive look. RoyaLuxe in Harlem offers a variety of beautiful African fabrics that combine quality and style, ensuring your projects remain stunning for years to come. An official partner of RoyaLuxe Germany, this New York store offers materials manufactured to the highest standards.

RoyaLuxe offers a wide variety of African textiles, from delicate embroidery to rich brocade fabrics. You’ll find a rainbow-like array of shades, including bright and beautiful yellows, fiery fuchsias, and deep leafy greens. Once used primarily for making African party clothes, these materials can be used to create decorative interior pieces, fashionable styles, corporate textiles, and much more. 

Especially exclusive is RoyaLuxe’s offering of bazin fabric. This vibrant woven cloth is given its trademark lustrous color through specialized dyeing and batik techniques. Traditionally handmade in West African countries, bazin riche is known as the “queen of fabrics”—and once you’ve experienced its fabulous luxury, you’ll feel like royalty yourself.

With one look at the quality and richness of RoyaLuxe’s goods, you’ll understand why these traditional African textiles are such a hit in Europe. Visit the RoyaLuxe store in Harlem for a look at their wide selection. The friendly shop staff will be happy to help you find the perfect material for your project, whether it’s an eye-catching party dress or a beautiful tablecloth. You can also call (917) 310-7050 to find out more.

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