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During the precious early years of life, learning and development are vital — but so is fun, laughter, and friendship. At Mendon Child Care Center in Mendon and Victor, NY, all of these important elements intertwine. Through a combination of play and learning, the childcare center offers stimulating care for children from infancy through grade school.  

As specialists in early childhood education, the team understands the importance of these formative years. To succeed, children need a safe, comfortable space where they can learn and grow. They need to be surrounded by people they can trust and who truly care about them. They also need stimulating play and a sense of curiosity to thrive. The childcare center staff and warm environment help secure all of that; by emphasizing each child’s unique needs and providing one-on-one care, the team ensures every student has the support they require.

The childcare center provides separate programs for infants and toddlers, preschool and pre-K aged children, and after-school care for children up to age 8. All three programs emphasize the distinct milestones, needs, and desires of children at every stage of development. From singing to reading to arts and crafts, every day is full of age-appropriate adventure. 

When your children aren’t at school or home, put them in hands you can trust. Mendon Child Care Center offers flexible scheduling to meet the needs of every family, and they’ll be happy to sit down with you to come up with a personalized plan. To learn more about the childcare center, call a helpful professional today at (585) 624-2337 or visit their website.

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