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Whether you’re planning a family trip or just adding destinations to your bucket list, it helps to have a reliable travel resource on your side. That’s where Luxury Journey Trend comes in. Complete with hotels,  leisure travel destinations & latest travel trends., this luxury travel magazine is your gateway to the country’s best vacation spots.

Luxury Journey Trend is curated by Diego Molina, the site’s founder, and fellow wanderer. For years, this top NYC-based photographer has traveled the country in search of premium restaurants, luxurious hotels, and vibrant nightlife. Sometimes he travels alone, other times with his family. Thus, his magazine caters to adventurers of all kinds, from family vacationers and solo sightseers to native New Yorkers and first-time tourists. Besides photography, Diego also has a passion for architecture, design, and fashion and looks for these qualities in every place he visits, whether regional or out-of-state.

But as any globetrotter knows, vacation isn’t just about the final destination. It’s also about the luxury journey. However, vacationing without the proper equipment can put unnecessary stress on a weary traveler. Fortunately, Diego also shares his favorite luggage, gadgets, and travel accessories, making Luxury Journey Trend your go-to resource for luxury hotels, leisure travel destinations & latest travel trends.

When Diego’s not chronicling the country’s best luxury travel magazine, he’s working at the Diego Molina Photography studio in northern New Jersey. There, he specializes in weddings and portraits as well as family, maternity, and newborn shoots. He’s known for his mastery of color as well as his eye for design, a trait that greatly influences his work with  Luxury Travel Magazine on luxuryjourneytrend.com.

Are you ready for an adventure? Visit Luxury Travel Magazine on luxuryjourneytrend.com or call them at Luxury Journey Trend (646) 820-9558 today for Diego Molina’s favorite travel tips and vacation destinations. For a portfolio of his portraiture work, check out his studio’s website.


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