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Treweek Mini Storage, Storage Facility, Services, Kalispell, Montana

Treweek Mini Storage is a trusted provider of safe and secure storage in Kalispell, MT. Whether you need to hold a few things during a move or are looking for long-term storage for your business, the facility features a wide variety of units to suit your needs. With affordable rates, advanced security, and comprehensive moving services, they are the only resource you need to give your belongings the best protection.

Founded in 1978, Treweek Mini Storage began with just 10 storage units. After growing to accommodate the development of Greater Flathead Valley, the self-storage facility now features over 300 units. Whether you just need to keep a few boxes or require boat storage, you’ll find the perfect size unit. The easy access and advanced security of this center are ideal for anyone who needs long-term storage. At the same time, the company offers flexible short-term rates that are perfect for customers looking for month-to-month arrangements.

In addition to a variety of interior storage options, Treweek Mini Storage offers moving services to help you get from point A to point B. Focused on making moving to a new home or office more convenient, they offer U-Haul truck rental and sell all the moving supplies — including boxes, tape, and packing materials — you need for a successful move.

To request rates or check unit availability for self-storage in Kalispell, MT, call the Treweek Mini Storage team at (406) 752-2835. Visit their website to learn more about the company and their storage options. 

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