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Bob Hastings Collision

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Bob Hastings Collision, Auto Body Repair & Painting, Services, East Rochester, New York

While the aftermath of an accident is often stressful, the guidance of Bob Hastings Collision makes the process smoother. Offering top-notch auto body repair services to all types of vehicles — including cars, vans, trucks, and RVs — since 1972, the shop is known as East Rochester, NY’s premier collision center.

Whether there is serious frame damage or your vehicle requires an engine repair, the mechanics at Bob Hastings Collision will return your car to pristine condition. They are all licensed, insured, and certified by the state and have the experience to tackle any job thrown at them. Beyond the structural problems your vehicle faces after a collision, the team also excels at fixing surface issues like paint scratch repair. As a respected auto body shop, they will not only get your vehicle running again but will also help it regain its beauty.

When you work with Bob Hastings Collision, you’re getting access to the top staff and facilities. The team has both ASE and I-CAR certifications and has a wealth of on-the-job knowledge, while the collision center has a 19,500 square foot shop with state-of-the-art equipment. They are so confident in their work that they offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you need car detailing or an automotive paint job, rely on Bob Hastings Collision to restore your vehicle to its former self. To schedule an appointment or ask questions, get in touch with them at (585) 383-8150. For more information about the collision center, visit their website.

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