Upper West Side, New York

Seven's Turkish Grill

Mediterranean Turkish Grill

Seven's Turkish Grill

158 West 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023
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Seven's Mediterranean Turkish Grill uses the freshest ingredients to make the best quality Mediterranean dishes. Steering clear from processed and frozen foods, everything at Seven's Turkish Grill is made fresh, from their kebabs to their Pides.

Their Pides are the perfect density, irregularly shaped, and slathered with delicious meats, cheeses or vegetables, or all three for those who want a taste of everything. Their zucchini pancakes are an instant classic, served with a delectably thick yogurt garlic sauce. Or try one of their kebabs where you can mix and match from the array of tasty menu options to savor all the flavor.

Seven's Turkish Grill offer mouthwatering homemade specialties at very affordable prices. They have a variety of special Turkish wines and beer, and also make homemade desserts, which are prepared daily, for those with a sweet tooth.

Have them cater for your next party, or make a reservation to dine in the restaurant. For more information visit their website, or call them on (212) 724-4700 or (212) 724-4703.

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