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Regional International Corp., Truck Repair & Service, Services, Henrietta, New York

Are you looking for a truck and trailer dealership that offers a large inventory, knowledgeable staff, and high-quality maintenance and repairs? New York’s Regional International Truck & Trailer provides reliable truck services to western New York and northern Pennsylvania, covering everything from new vehicle sales to collision repair.

When you invest in the truck services from Regional International Truck & Trailer, you’ll benefit from their extensive industry experience and long history of providing customers with the best commercial trucks. They know you can’t afford to lose a day of work every time you need a tuneup or repairs, so they offer accelerated services and express diagnostics.

Whether you need a Department of Transportation inspection, systems analysis, or oil change, their staff is committed to getting you back on the road in no time. Many common repairs and diagnostics can be completed in two hours or less.

Regional International Truck & Trailer knows each customer has different vehicle needs, so they stock a wide variety of new and used heavy-duty trucks, semitrailers, wreckers, and rollbacks. They also offer extensive rental services designed to work with your budget.

Regional International Truck & Trailer provides service for nearly every make and model of vehicle, from auto body repair to maintenance. Their body shop is Diamond Edge Certified, meaning they’re recognized as a premier provider of accelerated services, parts, and customer satisfaction. They know a commercial truck is an expensive investment, which is why they offer flexible financing plans for all of their trucks, trailers, parts, and services.

For a reliable commercial truck dealership that offers extensive services and exceptional customer care, call Regional International Truck & Trailer at (800) 836-0409. With locations in Rochester/Henrietta, Geneva, and Buffalo, this New York-based business is the region’s best truck services provider. Visit their website to view their inventory of new and used vehicles for sale.

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