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If you need a quality paving contractor in the Rochester, NY, area, you need the team at Manel Paving. Originally established in 1952, the company has remained in business for so long by providing their clients with the highest quality of service.

Looking to install a new asphalt driveway and put the finishing touches on your dream home? They’ll get the job done efficiently without sacrificing quality. Need an asphalt repair team to fix the potholes a Rochester winter so often leaves in its wake? They have the tools and knowledge necessary to perform the patch job quickly.

The paving contractors treat their clients like family because family is at the heart of their business. Emil Manel started the company more than half a century ago, and in 1972, his son Chuck joined the team, eventually working his way up to company president. Over the years, they’ve cultivated a reputation for providing clients throughout Rochester with reliable paving services.

Whether they’re handling a basic asphalt repair job, sealing a driveway to protect it from the elements, or tackling a major commercial paving project, they deliver nothing less than the best possible results. They’re able to do this with the newest tools and innovations in the industry, with equipment of all sizes to get any job done.

The experts at Manel Paving are the top paving contractors in the Rochester area because they have experience, skill, and most importantly, an unyielding dedication to customer satisfaction. Contact them online to discuss your project, or call (585) 647-1025.

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Manel Paving is looking to hire the following positions immediately: Mechanic  Company is looking for a good mechanic.  Must have at least 2 years experience in 4x4 truck more
Manel Paving is looking to hire the following positions: Mechanic  Company is looking for a good mechanic.  Must have at least 2 years experience in 4x4 truck repairs ( more
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