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Zangari Cohn Cuthbertson Duhl & Grello P.C., Real Estate Attorneys, Services, New Haven, Connecticut

Since 1946, the accomplished legal team at Zangari Cohn Cuthbertson Duhl & Grello P.C. has built their reputation on providing affordable, effective legal representation to clients throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, and the rest of New England. With locations in New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut and outside of Providence, Rhode Island, as well as attorneys who boast a variety of specialized skills, this law firm has the skills and expertise to help in almost any legal situation for businesses and their owners, from business and real estate transaction matters to litigation, employment law, labor law, and estate planning.

Zangari Cohn Cuthbertson Duhl & Grello P.C.'s lawyers pride themselves on offering both the comprehensive services of a large firm and the personalized attention and rates of a local law office. You can rely on this accomplished, established law firm for help with a variety of issues, including:

  • Business Acquisition & Accession Law
  • Estate Planning & Will Writing
  • Civil Litigation, Mediation, & Trials
  • Real Estate Law
  • Business & Employment Law
  • Private ant Municipal Labor and Education Law

Whether you're selling a major commercial facility or writing an employee manual, you can rely on Zangari Cohn Cuthbertson Duhl & Grello P.C.'s lawyers for sound legal advice through every step of the process.

When you're facing a complex legal problem, the outcome depends largely on the quality of your legal counsel. Zangari Cohn Cuthbertson  Duhl & Grello P.C.'s attorneys pride themselves on taking the time to fully understand your legal issues and develop strategies tailored to your unique needs. Among the New England business community, they've established a reputation for trustworthy service and reliable results.

Visit Zangari Cohn Cuthbertson  Duhl & Grello P.C. online to learn more about their practice areas and history of service. Call their New Haven at (203) 789-0001, the Hartford CT office at (860) 380-5323 or their Warwick, RI, location at (401) 244-9048 to schedule your consultation today.