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Indigo Indian Bistro

357 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10022
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Indigo Indian Bistro is the best restaurant for food delivery and Indian food in New York. Its mango lassi cannot be beat. It’s a delicious, healthy treat to have alongside an affordable Indian food dinner or before your night out in New York City. If you are at home on a cold, wintry day, order a spicy Indian curry to warm you up.

Bring your appetite to Indigo Indian Bistro to have a complete meal, including an appetizer, entrée of tikka masala, a naan, a side of rice, and a dessert. Main entrees include aromatic chicken curry or delicious chicken tikka masala. There are also wonderful renditions of tandoori chicken. Or if you are just in the mood for a snack, stop in for a samosa and mango lassi.

Indigo Indian Bistro offers a delicious all you can eat lunch buffet on a daily basis with your favorite Indian food and treats. Contact Indigo Indian Bistro at (212) 421-1919 to learn about hosting a birthday, party, or corporate lunch at the best Indian restaurant in New York.

Business Hours:
12-3pm & 5-10pm, 7 days/week

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