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For a healthy summer glow all year long, Spa TAN offers the premier tanning services you need. From custom airbrush tanning and sunless spray tans to state-of-the-tart sunbeds, this luxury tanning salon offers every beautifying and rejuvenating service you need.

Amid the chaos of a busy week, you deserve to relax and be pampered. By maintaining a warm, luxurious environment, Spa TAN helps clients feel like they’re basking in the summer sun—even in December! Whether you opt for a flawless, sunless airbrush tan or a deep bronzing tanning bed session, these advanced tanning solutions will help you get the flawless, long lasting tan you desire.

To protect your skin, the salon’s advanced UVA and UVB tanning bed options maximize your tan while minimizing harmful UV rays. For truly deep and long-lasting color, consider cocktail tanning, which combines both sunbed and sunless elements for a gorgeous, all over bronze glow. Regardless of your preference, the tanning salon’s experts are happy to help you decide what will be best for your skin and desired look, for a flawless finish.

At Spa TAN, the beauty professionals understand that sometimes, you just need a little boost. This luxury tanning salon also offers a range of additional beauty services, including teeth whitening, the Infrared FIT Bodywrap®, and Red Light Therapy. Whether you’re aiming to brighten your smile, tighten and tone your body, drop a few pounds, or eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, or cellulite, these beautifying services will help you look amazing and feel confident. By offering non-invasive and safe procedures, clients attain the dramatic results they want in as little as one hour.

For an even, natural-looking tan, head over to St. Louis’ favorite tanning salon.  Choose from two convenient Spa TAN locations in Chesterfield, MO or St. Peters, MO. For more information about Spa TAN, call (656) 536-1400 for their Chesterfield location or (636) 441-4401 for their St. Peters, MO, location. You can also visit their website for promotions, new, specials, and information on every service they offer or tanning products they stock.

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  Red light therapy, also called the science of photobiomodulation, is the newest rejuvenating practice recognized by both Eastern and Western medicine. Proven safe and more
Relax. Refresh. Renew.  The premier tanning salon in St. Peters and Chesterfield, MO are located at 1746 Clarkson Road and 4043 N St Peters Parkway.  Spa TAN is more
Cocktail tanning combines traditional sunbed use with sunless spray tanning to produce spectacular results. First, a powerful UV tanning bed is used to kick-start melanin more
Indoor tanning lotions are vastly different from their outdoor counterparts, with their special formulation allowing for a beautiful tan in a fraction of the time when compared to more
As the weather turns cold and dreary outside, now is the perfect time to remember the summer with a boost of sunlight from Spa TAN. Looking for a way to relax, refresh, and more