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Since 2001, Emery Plumbing has been Hilo, HI’s plumbing contractor of choice. The family-owned and -operated company specializes in both residential and commercial plumbing needs. Whether you’re looking for emergency plumbing help or a trusted expert to assist with a kitchen or bathroom remodel, they are a name you can trust.

With over 35 years of experience, company owner John Mingo believes in offering hands-on, unparalleled customer service. That’s why he’s ready and willing to help with your emergency plumbing needs. His devotion to helping clients in their time of need coupled with his deep knowledge of plumbing and water heaters has established Emery Plumbing as the big island’s go-to plumber.

Beyond their commitment to customer satisfaction, Emery Plumbing strives to offer a broad range of high-quality services. The plumbing contractors are accomplished in installing water and gas pipes in homes across Hawaii, but their expertise doesn’t stop there. From underground plumbing like septic systems and cesspools to commercial plumbing assistance or residential renovation needs, they have the expertise to complete your project quickly and efficiently. To give customers the most affordable experience, they offer a free estimate on all the work they perform.

If you’re a home or business owner in the Hilo, HI, area and you’re looking for a professional plumbing contractor, call Emery Plumbing at (808) 960-8828 to schedule your consultation. To find out more about their kitchen and bathroom remodeling services as well as their emergency plumbing offerings, don’t forget to visit their website.

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