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Located in Central New Jersey, Extra Office Interiors has been providing commercial office furniture for more than 20 years. The furniture wholesaler is proud to be recognized as the preferred vendor for Mack-Cali Real Estate Corporation. Extra Office Interiors carries a wide variety of new and remanufactured furniture to help make your office a professional and comfortable environment.

The products at Extra Office Interiors include new technologically advanced workstations, as well as more cost effective options such as our "Essentially New" remanufactured cubicles. These workstations will appear brand new, as you will choose your own fabric and worksurface colors, yet typically cost about 50% less.  EOI also has a wide array of furniture choices for private offices, conference rooms, and reception areas.

You will receive high quality service from experienced professionals in interior design, quick installation, and space planning. Visit Extra Office Interiors for a full look at their products or call 732-381-9774 for further information. 

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