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Total Recognition in Dalton, GA, is your go-to destination for all the awards, trophies, and ribbons your organization needs to recognize the exemplary performances of your top team members. It doesn't matter whether your group's focus is academic, athletic, or corporate; you’ll find all of the personalized plaques and name badges you need to throw a memorable awards banquet or reward your sales team for excellent performance here.

Whether you are awarding a baseball trophy to your top slugger or bestowing academic medals upon your Math Bowl team, Total Recognition has the items you need. They also carry a wide selection of corporate awards and gifts for the top performing team members in your department. In addition, you can browse Total Recognition’s wide variety of hats, jackets, and polo shirts that encourage team unity and give your group a uniform look. Their variety of custom branded apparel also makes your crew easy to identify when you're out of the office on team building exercises.

Total Recognition offers several delivery methods to best serve you. You can select in-store pickup, or—for a small charge—they will deliver your order to a location within 20 miles of their store. Otherwise, they can ship your order to nearly any place in the world.

Visit Total Recognition’s website to browse their wide variety of commemorative items. If you have any questions, call (706) 278-0077 today to speak to a friendly, courteous professional about the items you need for your upcoming academic, sports, business, or charity event.

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