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Window Trends of Kalaheo, HI, is an award-winning design, supply, and installation company that specializes in exquisite, modern window coverings. Whether you want to have greater control of interior lighting, enhance your home’s design, or improve privacy, this company’s selection of window shades and blinds are guaranteed to deliver style and comfort.

If you’re ready to explore your interior design options, visit the Window Trends showroom to explore their impressive selection of contemporary drapes, blinds, and shutters. Their product line includes exclusive Hunter Douglas window shades, with roller, woven wood, honeycomb, and Roman styles available. They also carry motorized window covering products for convenient control and energy-efficient window shades and blinds that could help you qualify for specialized tax credits. 

If you can’t make it to the showroom, these professionals can also come to you through their free on-site consultation service—a great way to find out which window treatments and coverings are ideal for your home’s needs. As master designers, the Window Trends team will measure your space, map out your future window treatments, and recommend valance and awning options that match your specific home décor tastes.

Understanding all facets of window coverings, Window Trends offers many other services to ensure you’re getting the most of out your home’s windows. For example, they also install insect screens so you and your guests can comfortably enjoy the Kauai breeze. They can also assist in all aspects of blind and shutter repair, as well as window covering alterations and rehanging.

To get a sense of the advanced quality offered by Window Trends, check out their website. There, you’ll also find resources and tips to help you navigate your interior design project. If you’d like to schedule a free on-site consultation for blind and shutter installation on Kauai, call this friendly team today at (808) 332-9844.

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