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The denture care professionals at Flathead Denture love to keep their patients smiling. They provide affordable, high-quality denture care to Montana’s Flathead Valley in a friendly, comfortable, and professional environment at their office in Columbia Falls. Serving the area since 2012 in denture services and cosmetic dentistry, Flathead Denture can do wonders for your smile!

The caring, attentive staff at Flathead Denture understands that many of their patients are uneasy about the prospect of getting new artificial teeth, so they strive to make every trip to their office a pleasant experience. From their friendly staff to their flexible and patient-friendly payment options, Flathead Denture strives to make it painless and stress-free for patients to regain the full function and look of their teeth.

Flathead Denture is a complete care clinic, offering more than just new artificial teeth. They also handle denture repairs, adjustments, and alignments as well as partial dentures, dental bridges, and other cosmetic dentistry treatments so their patients can go about their daily lives feeling confident about their teeth. And because they know that many of their patients are concerned about the cost of new dentures, they accept many insurance plans—including Medicaid—and offer no-interest financing for patients who need to pay out of pocket.

Flathead Denture hopes to change the way people think about wearing artificial teeth by approaching cosmetic dentistry and denture care as a way to preserve their patients’ healthy smiles over an entire lifetime. Whether you need new dentures, partials, or a dental bridge to restore your smile, Flathead Denture can help. There’s no reason to delay, so visit their website or call (406) 892-0700 to make an appointment today!

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