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Do you look forward to visiting the dentist? If the answer is no, Hopewell Dental Care invites you to visit, where you’ll experience a warm and inviting environment. We offer 3 convenient locations in Heath, Lancaster, and Dayton, OH, where we keep our patients smiling.

When you walk in the door, our friendly team will greet you by your first name. You’re more than just a patient—you’re a friend of our entire dental office team. Through a commitment to excellence in oral health, technology and a strong, welcoming community, Hopewell Dental Care ensures all patients will receive the supreme caliber of the CARE you deserve and the CONVENIENCE you need. 

Hopewell Dental Care offers a wide range of cosmetic and general dentistry. Our dentists provide top-notch treatment from general procedures to oral surgery. Whether you’re in need of a dental cleaning, professional teeth whitening service or full case restoration, let our experienced team give you a confident and healthy smile that will last for years to come.  Your oral health is a lifetime commitment and our promise to you is to keep you in the best oral health possible. By using state-of-the-art technology and prioritizing patient education, we ensure your smile will look its very best for years to come.

If you are one to dread or fear the dentist, you don’t have to. Experience the Hopewell difference! You’re gonna LOVE your smile! Visit us in Heath, Lancaster or Dayton, OH. Schedule an appointment by calling our friendly staff today, (740) 522-5000 in Heath, our Lancaster location at (740) 687-1617 or our Dayton location at (937) 258-2225. To learn more about the practice, take a tour and check out our videos, visit our website. You can also check us out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

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