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An Oasis of Brazilian Expertise in hair care, style and joy: that is the vision of Carlos Lobo Salon.

Patricia Spuri, a Brazilian native made New York her home for the past 20 years co-creator of her late husband’s success, carries on this distinctive philosophy in their sleek boutique salon on west 56th street in Manhattan. As a head colorist, Patricia leads her staff by example matching transformative, accessible products with her expert eye for the classic, elegant hair style that makes each client feel great.

Patricia’s vast loyal following is testament to her outstanding ability as a stylist-and a educator. As a certified L’anza educator, the only manufacturer of professional salon hair care that HEALS the hair. Hairdressers come to her salon to develop their craft and technique utilizing

L’anza products, in response to their customers demand for innovative, environmentally friendly hair care products that are never tested in animals.

Patricia has also expanded the scope of the services her salon offers by partnering with Aveda, the leading maker of botanically based skincare products.

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