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Norse Eir, Holistic & Alternative Care, Services, Cold Spring Harbor, New York

Norse Eir is committed to helping you feel better naturally. Passionate about natural herbal remedies that are both potent and gentle, Norse Eir creates holistic medicine you can rely on. Powerful enough to fight off the worst colds and flus and mild enough for even the most sensitive systems, Norse Eir’s natural medicine will quickly become a staple in your family’s medicine cabinet.

Norse Eir is the product of the Oslo meeting of three scientific minds. When a Russian organic chemist, Norwegian civil engineer, and American molecular biologist bonded over their strong belief in the power of holistic medicine, they joined forces to develop better herbal remedies to share with the world. Their mission—to create safe, gentle, effective natural medicine—resulted in their first product, an herbal remedy first used in Russia. Too expensive to mass-produce when first discovered, this powerful natural cure is now being made affordable and accessible to the public through the work of these three dedicated scientists.

The secret to this potent herbal remedy is the use of distillates rather than extracts or tinctures. These powerful, plant-derived distillates generate a very low pH, maintaining this gentle nature as they travel through your body and enter your blood stream. By creating a low-pH environment, this natural cure neutralizes pathogenic and anaerobic bacteria in the gut and bolsters helpful aerobic bacteria. Strengthened by an army of disease-fighting bacteria, your immune system is now better able to fight off illness, so you’re feeling better in no time.

Ready to start helping your family feel better in a natural, allergen-free, kid-safe way? Keep an eye out for Norse Eir products at your local natural food store or pharmacy today.

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