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Kai D

Kai D

161 West 22nd St, 3rd Floor
New York City, NY 10011
(646) 861-2878
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by designer Kai D. Fan in New York City to serve the needs of modern day artisans like himself. The main principles behind KAI D. are Utility & Relevance. Vintage workwear, hunting, & military details are reinterpreted in enduring fit & styling. It isn’t meant to look old or feel nostalgic. It’s about old wisdom. A pocket must be available when needed, accessories are designed with purpose, and clothes should fit well. And they should last–not just for quality and craftsmanship, but also of timeless taste. You should want to wear them 5 years from now, and 10, and so on. Not much different than artifacts from the past, these values are the foundation of Kai D. Fan’s philosophy and resonate in his clothing & accessories.

Announcements & Events from Kai D
Kai D. Repurposed Shoulder Bag, Manhattan, New York
New York based designer, Kai D., created this unique shoulder bag with vintage French duffle bag material. The original hand drawn graphics are carefully placed at the flap. more