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No one knows better than the experts from C&L Auto Body in East Hanover, New Jersey, how important it is to find a dedicated auto body shop you can trust. Because of this, they offer a wide range of auto detailing and repair services designed to be efficient and affordable. If you’re looking for an auto repair shop in Morris County that will provide first-rate customer care and high-quality services, C&L Auto Body is your best bet!

C&L Auto Body knows that every good business is built on a foundation of loyalty, which is why they strive to provide each and every customer with service that exceeds expectations. Their staff is always ready to assist you and can be easily reached via phone, email, or text messages. Before beginning any work on your vehicle, C&L Auto Body will present you with an itemized estimate, and once you approve the work, they’ll update you on the status regularly. If you’ve suffered extensive auto body damage, rental cars are available on-site for your convenience.

No matter what type of auto detailing or collision repair services you need, C&L Auto Body is well equipped to handle the job. Their 27,000-square-foot garage utilizes all the latest technology, allowing them to perform repairs designed to meet the factory specifications of your vehicle. C&L Auto Body also uses environmentally friendly waterborne paints, which not only reduce the amount of VOCs in the atmosphere but also provide a cleaner and brighter base. Plus, their professionally certified mechanics know accidents happen unexpectedly, which is why they provide 24-hour towing services.

If you’re looking for a reliable auto body shop near East Hanover Township, contact the professionals from C&L Auto Body today at (973) 428-4747. They are also located in Kenvil, Morristown, & Berkeley Heights so visit them online for a complete list of services and locations. You can also connect with the auto body shop on Facebook to receive special offers and learn more about taking care of your vehicle.

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