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Hearing loss affects more than just hearing, taking a toll on your personal interactions and self-confidence in social settings. With the help of an audiology clinic, you can conquer hearing loss and improve your daily quality of life. Granville Brady, Au.D serves central New Jersey with expert audiology services, from tinnitus treatment to hearing aid fittings. With hearing centers in Clifton and East Brunswick, NJ, Dr. Granville Brady and his staff are dedicated to helping local patients maintain good auditory health.

As a nationally certified hearing healthcare professional, Dr. Brady conducts all hearing tests. Other services include tinnitus management, live speech mapping, and hearing aid fittings and repairs. Whatever service you require, you’ll enjoy dedicated care, with the hearing center’s staff creating a personalized treatment plan suited to your unique needs. To ensure patient satisfaction, this audiology clinic uses only the most modern tools and techniques, including cutting-edge diagnostic testing methods and innovative custom digital hearing aids. 

Everyone should enjoy the gift of hearing; it’s an essential element of our human communication and how we connect with others. That’s why this audiology clinic is dedicated to providing care that is both convenient and affordable. The clinic includes comprehensive insurance information on its website, and the friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re searching for top-quality hearing care in the central New Jersey area, choose Granville Brady, Au.D. Call their East Brunswick, NJ, office at (732) 387-2395 for an appointment.

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