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Enviro-Vac, Septic Systems, Services, Shreveport, Louisiana

When residents and business owners in Shreveport, LA need septic tank maintenance or grease trap services, they call Enviro-Vac. For over 22 years, their team has provided the ArkLaTex Triangle with high-quality workmanship as well as reliable customer care. 

Septic tank failure is as overwhelming as it is messy. Luckily, the technicians at Enviro-Vac aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Using vacuum trucks, extra-long hoses, and other state-of-the-art equipment, they will clean and pump your septic tank without disturbing your lawn. Enviro-Vac has the experience and expertise to handle any project and will ensure that your home’s septic system is running efficiently. 

The south is known for its delicious, rich cuisine. Unfortunately, the fatty, oily residue that these dishes produce can clog your plumbing and leave behind an unpleasant smell. Thus, many restaurants in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas protect their kitchens with grease traps. Enviro-Vac will keep yours in top condition. They cover everything from grease trap cleaning to installation and repair, so you can focus on what’s important: your food and your customers. In addition to their grease trap services, these professionals also offer commercial waste water disposal.    

Enviro-Vac takes pride in their first-class customer service. They are family owned and operated and strive to give each client with the personalized attention they deserve. They also provide 24-hour emergency assistance, so you know you and your property are in good hands.

If you’re in need of grease trap services or septic tank maintenance, call Enviro-Vac at (318) 746-7867 today. For more information on their services, visit their website.

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