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RTC Communications

117 W 8th St
Rochester, IN 46975
(574) 223-2191
RTC Communications, Telecommunications, Services, Rochester, Indiana

For more than 120 years, RTC Communications has been creating a path toward the future with their advanced telecommunication services. Today, this communication services leader in Fulton County, IN, is improving the ways homes and businesses stay connected to the world, thanks to their high-speed internet, television, and voice services.

This Rochester-based service provider has gained national industry recognition for its pioneering spirit as an early adopter of fiber broadband Internet. With download speed capabilities up to 100 megabits per second, fiber broadband is the ultimate solution for all-access connectivity that is needed to communicate, play games, stream video, and browse the web. RTC Communications also hosts wireless broadband options for rural areas through AirWave2Connect, a wireless broadband service that offers download speeds up to 10 Mbps.

RTC Communications also offers an assortment of Cable TV packages designed to give customers viewing flexibility. Whether you want a basic cable package or fully-equipped entertainment complete with HD and premium channels, this cable company has you covered. For those outside the cable coverage area, RTC Communications has plans to expand its services as a Dish Network dealer.

Businesses will find unrivaled quality in telecommunications through the reliable voice and video services offered by RTC Communications. With security and flexibility its highest priorities, this company offers centralized phone system solutions and networking services in Fulton County to ensure your business is always connected.

There’s no better choice than RTC Communications for outfitting your home or business with high-speed internet, phone, and television services. Call a representative (574) 223-2191 to schedule installation, explore cable TV options, or learn more about upcoming Dish Network capabilities. New customers are invited to check their website for special offers that make bundling services easy and affordable.

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