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Mathnasium of Park Slope, Tutoring, Family and Kids, Brooklyn, New York

Mathnasium of Park Slope is a learning center dedicated solely to teaching kids math. They believe that students don’t hate math; what they hate is being confused, frustrated, and intimidated by math. Once they can understand it, they may even come to like math in a way they never thought possible!

The center offers private math tutoring for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. Their Mathnasium Method™ is proven to help children grasp the math they’re learning in school and even get ahead. With the introduction of the Common Core Mathematics Standards, it’s even more important that students excel in math. With these standards in mind, Mathnasium of Park Slope customizes a learning plan for each child.

Private tutoring services are the key to building confidence in math. When students grasp concepts that they didn’t grasp before, they become more confident overall. This confidence reaches both their academic life and their personal life. In one or two visits a week, many students will drastically improve thanks to the Mathnasium Method™. This curriculum is not available anywhere else. 

At Mathnasium of Park Slope, math is the only focus. The instructors are highly specialized and qualified in the field, giving their students the best possible results. To put your child on the path to understanding math, visit the learning center online or call (718) 369-MATH (6284).

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