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Staub Cleaning Services

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For commercial businesses, Staub Cleaning Services has become known throughout the Greater Dayton area as a top cleaning company. With a staff that’s fully insured and certified, you can always count on these professionals for a thorough cleaning job.

In the commercial realm, the team has extensive experience cleaning a wide range of facilities, such as restaurants, offices, and churches. They offer everything from a simple floor cleaning to a wipe down of every stairwell, cubicle, and bathroom.

You can also count on Staub Cleaning Services for construction clean-up duties. From their years partnering with building contractors, the company has learned how to optimize their cleaning service so there are never any delays or obstructions in the construction process. Whether you need rubbish and debris removed from the site or you are looking to get the new structure into pristine condition after the work has been done, there is no one more equipped for the task.

For residential customers, the devoted staff will come to your home to provide move-out cleaning so your house is ready for its new tenants. Property owners can also rely on Staub to clean your building’s apartments—leaving them spotless for each new renter. 

If you’re looking for an office cleaning, janitorial service, or any other commercial cleaning job, don’t hesitate to reach out to Staub Cleaning Services. You can make an appointment by calling (937) 610-8521. For more information about the cleaning company, feel free to search their website.

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