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You often have to pay steeper prices to get the best service, but this isn't the case at Goshen Car Wash Oil Express. These experts provide car washes that will have your vehicle looking like it just rolled out of a showroom, and they do it all at discounted prices that are easy on your wallet.

This Goshen, NY-based business offers a wide range of car wash and auto repair services. You can enjoy a full-service car wash that spruces up your vehicle, from the rims to the floor mats, and professional detailing is available for a deeper level of clean. Are you a do-it-yourselfer? The facility's well-lit, camera-monitored self-service wash bays allow you to care for your car yourself with hot wax and high-power vacuums in a secure environment.

In addition to car wash services, discount prices are offered on top tire brands such as Michelin, Dunlop, and BF Goodrich. The shop's technicians provide transmission services, oil changes, and brake services, and wheel alignment is offered using state-of-the-art high-definition digital technology.

Vehicles registered in the state of New York are required to get yearly safety inspections, and Goshen Car Wash Oil Express is certified to perform these inspections seven days a week for your convenience. No appointment is needed, and the facility features the most modern computerized inspection equipment.

Better still, the shop offers free car washes with every oil change, and membership and perks for the Car Wash Club which entitles you to monthly unlimited car washes!image

You can save even more by visiting the facility's website for online coupons offering discounts on transmission service, car washes, brake services, and more.

Call (845) 294-2488 to speak with a representative, or learn more by visiting this automotive service center online. Goshen Car Wash Oil Express is your one-stop shop for flawless car washes and thorough auto repairs in Orange County, NY.

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