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Buffalo Hill Funeral Home & Crematory

Buffalo Hill Funeral Home & Crematory

1890 US Highway 93 N.
Kalispell, MT 59901
Buffalo Hill Funeral Home & Crematory, Cremation Memorials, Services, Kalispell, Montana

As the oldest locally owned funeral home in Kalispell, MT, Buffalo Hill Funeral Home & Crematory is devoted to providing gentle guidance in the wake of a loved one’s passing. With a family-focused approach, this Flathead Valley funeral service provider offers attentive listening and grief management. Whether you need help with funeral pre-planning, cremation, or a memorial video, Buffalo Hill Funeral Home & Crematory is ready and willing to pledge their seasoned services so that your loved one’s service celebrates their life as it exists in your fondest memories.

With a strict aversion to the opportunism that runs rampant in the funeral industry, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing every Buffalo Hill funeral is planned with both you and your loved one’s preferences—and best interests—in mind. By visiting the website, your friends and relatives can send sympathy cards or donate flowers and chocolates at the touch of a button. From direct burials to cremations and graveside services, this trusted funeral planning company will tailor your plan to fit your wishes and your budget.

Even after settling on the aesthetic and ceremonial details of the funeral service, Buffalo Hill Funeral Home & Crematory knows that dealing with complicated legal paperwork can feel impossible in the days immediately following a loved one’s death. Whether you need assistance with an obituary, a death certificate, or an insurance claim form, their accommodating team members are more than willing to help you navigate these unknown territories with ease.

While the passing of a loved one changes your world forever, Buffalo Hill Funeral Home & Crematory can help you start to accept this drastic change with a positive, reverent ceremony that preserves the beauty of a lost life. Call the funeral home at (406) 752-0336 to begin making the arrangements your loved one deserves, or visit the website for more information on the services Buffalo Hill Funeral Home & Crematory offers.

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