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Mr. Transmission has been providing transmission maintenance and general car repairs to drivers throughout Cincinnati and Sharonville for more than 50 years. When your check engine light comes on or your vehicle begins to make strange noises, it’s imperative to consult a skilled mechanic in order to get the most out of your car and ensure the safety of you and your family. Whether you need transmission fluid maintenance or a drivetrain repair, the experts at the transmission repair center will help your car last for many years.

The trained professionals at Mr. Transmission have experience working with all vehicles. Whether you have a car with manual transmission, a truck, luxury vehicle, or an RV, Mr. Transmission will handle your auto repair needs. The mechanics also perform service for domestic and foreign cars, as well as hybrid and diesel vehicles. It’s important that your transmission is in excellent shape before you head out onto the road, and the experts at Mr. Transmission will ensure that there are no issues preventing you from safely reaching your destination.

Your transmission should be serviced every two years, or every 30,000 miles. But if you notice any issues, bring your vehicle in as soon as possible for a transmission rebuild or repair. Visit Mr. Transmission online or call (513) 769-3111 for more information. 

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With over 50 years of experience as Cincinnati’s top transmission maintenance specialists, the mechanics at Mr. Transmission are incredibly well-versed in this vital component of more
Transmission fluid is one of the backbones to a well-functioning vehicle. It lubricates all of the moving parts within the transmission system, and in automatic vehicles, it serves more
Many of even the most experienced drivers have some gaps in their knowledge when it comes to how a car works, especially the transmission. This isn’t really a problem until the wear more
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The transmission of your car is one of its most essential components: it adapts the output of the engine to the wheels, and therefore regulates torque and speed. As such, it’s a more
Did you know that Mr. Transmission, the only AAA-approved business in Cincinnati, also works with all foreign transmissions? So whether you need transmission maintenance, more
When illuminated, the dreaded check engine light can represent any number of problems for your vehicle. For more than 50 years, Mr. Transmission has been providing transmission more
On top of everything else that goes into planning a road trip, the last thing you want to worry about is your vehicle breaking down on the side of the road. Careful preparation is more
Few things are more stressful to a car owner than seeing the check engine light come on or hearing your car make sputtering, clanking, and struggling sounds. This usually means a more