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Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is an in-home personal training service founded in 2004 to provide busy New Yorkers an accessible service that would help integrate fitness into their lifestyle in NYC.

Too busy to go to the gym? Well with Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness, a fitness professional can come and train you right in your own home.

MOM’s mission is to provide certified, friendly, reliable fitness professionals specializing in areas such as Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing Corporate Fitness, Private Boot Camp Classes, and they have a strong emphasis in Pre-Natal and Postpartum Fitness as well.

Whether in your home, office or even outdoors, Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness trainers are equipped with the skills to turn any existing space into your own private health club, complete with your very own private masseuse.

Contact them today by calling (212) 865-9290.

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