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Ritas Equipment Rental & Trash Disposal Inc.

Ritas Equipment Rental & Trash Disposal Inc.

Ritas Equipment Rental & Trash Disposal Inc., Excavating, Services, Kalaheo, Hawaii

For over a decade, Rita’s Equipment Rental & Trash Disposal of Lawai, HI, has been serving both residential and commercial clients all across the island on three fronts: trash removal, excavating services, and septic installation. From trenching and hauling to heavy equipment rentals, they offer everything you need to complete your construction project on time. Regardless of the size or scope of the job, their fully trained staff has the skill and know-how you need to get the job done right.

As a locally owned and operated company, the team behind Rita’s Equipment Rental & Trash Disposal knows how important a job well done is to their local clients. They have high expectations when it comes to meeting OSHA and NIOSH regulations, and they expect their projects to be handled with the proper care and respect. As a licensed contractor, David Rita leads a team of five employees based on his personal belief that Kauai residents need a company they can trust.

Rita’s Equipment Rental & Trash Disposal offers several services to benefit every type of construction project. They handle everything from grading and leveling, concrete recycling, and land clearing to demolition and drilling. They can also prepare your site by clearing away brush and waste, and they’ll use their professional training and equipment to get jobs done quickly and efficiently. For clients that prefer to go the DIY route, the company offers heavy equipment rentals and commercial waste containers for convenient trash removal.

For a full list of trash removal and excavating services, visit Rita’s Equipment Rental & Trash Disposal online. As a business that’s proud of what they do, they work hard to finish every job with the excellent service and quality craftsmanship their clients deserve. Schedule a free estimate today by calling (808) 332-8339.

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