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Since opening for business in 1972, Jerry Smith Exterminating of Kernersville has been proudly serving the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. Known for their professional pest control services ranging from termite inspections to ant and wasp control, Jerry Smith Exterminating has become a trusted name in the pest control industry.

Jerry Smith Exterminating has been a family-owned and -operated pest control business from the very beginning. They believe in offering every customer high-quality service with a personal touch. From your initial interaction when you call for an estimate to the end of your termite or pest control services, you’ll enjoy friendly interactions with experienced exterminators.

Whether you’re looking for residential pest control or help eliminating termites in your commercial building, Jerry Smith Exterminating is there to help. With a highly trained staff of exterminators equipped with the latest technology and professional gear required for pest control, your unwanted bugs, termites, and critters will be eliminated in no time. Best of all, once the team of exterminators from Jerry Smith Exterminating treats your home or business, they’ll work with you to develop an ongoing plan to ensure your structure stays free of pests.

Jerry Smith Exterminating knows that pest control is not universal; every structure and termite infestation is different. Once they evaluate your building, their exterminator will provide a comprehensive treatment plan to treat your unique needs. From monthly service plans to a one-time rodent control visit, you can rest easy knowing you’re in capable hands.

If you live in the Triad region and you’re looking for a professional exterminator to assist with eliminating termites or provide general pest control, call Jerry Smith Exterminating today at (336) 454-4936 to schedule your appointment. To find out more about their pest control services, check out their website.

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