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Former judge and practicing attorney Bill Bronson founded The Bronson Law Firm PC in 1978. Located in Addison and serving northern Texas, Bronson Law Firm PC helps clients resolve financial crises and pending tax issues while giving them the personalized service they deserve.

Bill Bronson has more than 28 years of experience as a judge and tax resolution attorney. He focuses on financial law, including audit representation, Internal Revenue Service seizures, liens, tax litigation, and wage garnishment. His other areas of practice include family law and bankruptcy law, and he also helps clients with the critical financial components of estate planning.

The team at The Bronson Law Firm PC is committed to winning each case, and they offer potential clients a free situation analysis to determine the best course of action. They know how to work with the IRS to achieve the best outcome possible for their clients, and they remain up to date on all financial laws and legal procedures.

Bronson even will negotiate with the IRS on his client’s behalf so they never have to speak to an agent directly. Because IRS agents respect Bronson’s approach and decades of experience, they are more likely to negotiate a favorable settlement with him.

Because The Bronson Law Firm PC is a smaller firm, clients receive individualized attention, whether they are pursuing bankruptcy, probate, or estate planning. Call (972) 770-2660 or send a message online to make an appointment with a tax attorney and learn more about this outstanding legal practice.

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