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MindsAhead Academy understands that education is key to a successful life. That’s why this learning center is dedicated to teaching valuable skills to children of all ages through after-school programs and one-on-one tutoring. Located in Edison, NJ, MindsAhead Academy offers various youth programs in subjects ranging from reading and comprehension to math and robotics, ensuring a well-rounded education.

MindsAhead Academy provides an assortment of after-school programs for children of all grades. They offer tutoring in multiple subjects, including math, science, and English, as well as college entrance exam preparation for older students.

Their BrainOBrain after-school program caters to brain and social skills development for children ages 5 to 14. During summer break, their MindsBee camp program boasts fun activities that teach robotics and promote creativity.

MindsAhead Academy staff members specialize in numerous disciplines, including education, psychology, and personality development, to give students the most thorough educational experience possible. Their talented tutors are dedicated to improving children’s social skills and academic endeavors.

While they offer a multitude of educational programs for children, the MindsAhead Academy staff also will work with college-level individuals and adults.

Give your child building blocks for a successful future by enrolling them in an after-school program. MindsAhead Academy will help your child develop skills and techniques they will use throughout life. For more information about this innovative learning center, call (201) 270-8684 or visit their website.

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